Types Of Wine

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Wine has played a significant role by enhancing the tantalizing the taste buds of people all over the world and has left the craving for more. The wine consists of plethora of flavours that leaves you satisfied and full. As the wine is considered a luxury, one must need a stylish yet elegant set to pour win into. The very creative option is to choose an engraved decanter set. The varieties of wine are mentioned below,

The very first is the red wine which is made from the process of fermentation of grapes and  the grapes skin play a significant role as the tannin produced from the grapes skin plays a vital role to give a punch to the wine as the tannins are a type of water soluble polyphenol compound that gives a dry taste to your mouth. Tannins add bitterness and complexity in the wine that is felt by an individual just after having a sip of it. Not only this the red wine is made from several different grapes around the world which include malbec (purple grape variety), shiraz ( black wine grape). This bold and strong flavoured drink would definitely require a classy engraved decanter set to give a more intense look to such perfect, mouth watering wine.

Not only an engraved decanter set would make the wine stand out rather would give the wine a luxury and style. Another type of wine is the white wine which undergoes the process of using only the grapes and not the skin as it is peeled off, also the tannins added are not as much as they are added in the making of the red wine. This ensures that the white wine is not as strong as red wine and gives a blend of flavour such as it could acidic and fruity, giving an individual a light and a fresh kick. The flavoursome variety of grapes used in the white wine are chardonnay and sauvignon blanc etc.

Moving on, another type of wine is sparkling wine that is made by a mix of both the black and white grapes and the most important factor which the name suggest itself is that the bubbles need to be there and that is achieved as side product of the fermentation process. The taste of sparkling wine is a blend of sweet and light flavours.

Furthermore, another type is rose wine that is made by the fermentation of the black grapes and its skin to such an extent when a pink blush colour appears. It contains less tannins and gives a blast of sweet yet acidity flavour. And people who are sweet lover or crave for desserts every now and then, there is something that might go with such sweet dishes and tghat is the dessert wine that is made by adding of some alcohol to give a great punch to it and also it taste sweet and fruity which makes it totally worth trying. Similarly the fortified wine has same flavour as of the dessert wine.

So with such diverse variety of wines, one would think as to how it must be served. No worry the most classy yet elegant engraved beer tankard has come to your rescue that will surely make your wine stand out.