The Benefits Of Using Wall Panelling: Why Is This Feature Included?

Australian standards external cladding

Interior wall cladding is the process of putting a building material, like wood, gyprock, or natural stone, on the inside walls of a house. This cladding, which is typically added solely for aesthetic purposes, serves as the walls’ outer skin. Interior wall coverings, on the other hand, also have a few useful benefits .In Australia, internal wall panelling can strengthen your home’s insulation and prevent noise from passing through the walls. Even though it rarely soundproofs a room, interior cladding can certainly block out the sounds of chattering neighbours or just people in the room next to them. Another useful advantage of interior wall cladding in Australia is its capacity for storage. Narrow corridors are ideal spaces for this since interior wall cladding can be utilised to attach furniture or offer shelf without harming the existing walls.

Wall Panelling Provides Wall Protection

It is not simply for show when panelling. It also protects your walls from harm, which is a useful function! In Australia, baseboards, chair rails, or wall panelling are frequently chosen by homeowners as protection from the inevitable dings and dents that ultimately develop on everyone’s walls. For even greater protection, you can select to choose impact-resistant panelling, which is less likely to get scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged. Cleaning or replacing a part of wall panelling is simpler than repairing drywall, even when your wall panelling in Australia starts to show signs of wear and tear.

Multiple Design Options

Panelling can be applied to your walls in a variety of ways. The sort of wall panelling Australia used in residential and commercial structures has evolved over time to reflect societal preferences and fashions. On the other hand, what we now refer to as chair rail was frequently used to cap off panelling during the Victorian era at chair level. Although these panels were less ornate than those from earlier eras, wealthy households were still the most common places to find them. Panelling is now considerably more affordable for consumers of all economic levels! As a result, wall panelling designs that draw inspiration from numerous eras are once again becoming popular. For accent wall panels in contemporary homes, reclaimed wood offers a rustic alternative.

Australian-style external cladding

The use of building materials that are visually acceptable, functional, follow to architectural principles and laws, and withstand the test of time and the elements are important considerations when designing a building’s exterior façade. Care must be taken to ensure a product is durable and requires little upkeep, especially in our frequently harsh Australian climate. As a top supplier that meets Australian standards external cladding, Weathertex upholds a strong commitment to having its products in conformity with all applicable Australian Standards, building and design rules, and other legal requirements. The material below summarises Weathertex’s viewpoint with regard to the weatherproofing standards of the 2022 National Construction Code for roofs and walls.