Duties Of Occupational Hygienists And Hazardous Chemical Awareness Training


Hygiene and cleanliness are the primary needs of personality and maintenance of these safety measures is essentially required. There are specialized occupational hygienists opted for serving a proper clean environment. They work to assure the removal of every sort of pollution from the surroundings. These along with other remediation specialized operators are given proper hazardous chemical awareness training.

Tasks of occupational hygienists

Qualified occupational hygienists also called as industrial hygienists work in a variety of work areas to conduct immediate pollution removal practices. These people are present in offices, factories, industries, agricultural and construction sites. They assess the danger level of physical, biological and chemical agents present, which can confer health risks to the residents or workers. Following are some duties assigned to occupational hygienists that they perform at their designated work place:

  • undergo investigation of the site
  • take notes about the hazardous exposures
  • develop procedure to conduct a visit
  • plan survey with full safety measures
  • maintain files for the activities conducted at site
  • compile the data recorded and listed to present a final submission
  • provide the incidences of health issues to the department
  • devise possible solutions to health risks
  • keep a look for the evidences and witnesses
  • maintain and regulate the outcomes of the search with local or government authorities

They have to assess the site from both scientific and evidentiary point of view. Occupational hygienists can either be people appointed by remediation centres or can be consultants. It is a profession even opted by an individual himself as a freelancer to gather experience.

Hazardous chemical awareness training

Most chemicals are part of everyday life. However, there are few most potent hazardous chemicals like skin and eye irritants, respiratory irritants, carcinogenic substances etc. that pose high risks to the safety of the mankind and work places. Thus, hazardous chemical awareness training is must for every person from home owner to a working personal.

Importance of awareness trainings

Special courses of hazardous chemical awareness trainings involve videos and assignments for sampling, investigation, guiding protocol, safety precautions and certificate issuance for a proper training session. Apart from these, following are some minor details which a trainer can learn from hazardous chemical awareness training

  • Understand about hazardous chemicals
  • Potential risks associated
  • Assessing safety procedures and how to use them
  • Record formulation
  • Use of personal protective equipment

Trainings are provided according to the field of the appointed individual. These trainings are suitable for occupational hygienists too. These studies are beneficial in professional field assisting them in analysing the chemicals, hazardous materials along with the site.


Occupational hygienists are workers that are present in different areas with target to achieve safety and control pollution or contamination while maintaining hygiene. To conduct their services with full understanding and precautions, there are sessions for every individual. Hazardous chemical awareness training is one such operation for people in places consisting of different dangerous chemicals with health posing risks. These workers are efficient in reviewing the chemical nature and associated control measures.