Bobbin Lace Fantasy Flowers

This book is a 'no frills' production - the first of a series in which I propose to publish, as cheaply as possible, the lace I have designed and the historical techniques I have researched during thirty years of teaching and museum work.

Like many lace authors I have had enough of the loss of control and the poor financial return that one experiences with professional publishers. No doubt their productions are glossier than anything I will produce, but they are also much more expensive and often beyond the reach of many lacemakers, particularly the young ones, without whom our beautiful craft will have no future.

The production method I have chosen - computer editing, direct digital printing and comb binding - will enable me to do small print runs as demand dictates. That way I will avoid major storage problems and the necessity of having large amounts of money tied up for prolonged periods. It also means that I will not have to wait for the return from one publication before releasing the next on my list.

At this stage of my life there just wouldn't be enough years left for me to finish everything! Bobbin Lace Fantasy Flowers is about making three dimensional flower forms with the emphasis on imagination rather than reality, and with the challenge of creating the form from a single flat piece of lace. Some of the shapes are simple, others more complex.

Some knowledge of braid lace techniques is desirable, but not essential. For basic bobbin lacemaking skills refer to my earlier publication Introduction to Bobbin Lacemaking.

There are fifteen different flowers, shown in colour on the cover and in black and white in the middle section of the book, which contains all the working instructions.

The first part of the book covers useful techniques common to more than one flower. The flowers as they are given are intended only as a starting point. The patterns can be enlarged or reduced according to taste and available thread, and some can be embellished with a second layer of petals. It is also possible to put two flowers together.

All the flower ideas are simple and bound to suggest other possibilities. Having fun with your lace should be the main aim.

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